The Quiet Series Mach 10

Mach 10 Ducted & Non-Ducted - 15,000 BTU/h Air Conditioner

The Quiet Series

Delivering another tradition of quiet comfort!

Making everyone a "happy camper" can be a challenge sometimes, but keeping it comfortable and quiet is no problem for the Ducted or Non-Ducted Quiet Series Mach 10. Trust us - not all environments are created equally, so it's important for us to to offer a unique series of effective, efficient and quiet air conditioners. No matter which Coleman-Mach Quiet Series model you choose, you'll enjoy the quiet, efficient cooling - undisturbed from the moment you turn it on.

Product NamePart #ProfileBTUColorFinishDuctingHeightWidthLength
Mach 10 Ducted Quiet45003-0794Low13,500BlackTexturedDucted11.826.138.0
Mach 10 Ducted Quiet45203-0754Low13,500WhitePolishedDucted11.826.138.0
Mach 10 Ducted Quiet45203-0784Low13,500BlackPolishedDucted11.826.138.0
Mach 10 Non-Ducted Quiet45203-0753Low13,500WhitePolishedNon-Ducted11.826.138.0
Mach 10 Non-Ducted Quiet45203-0783Low13,500BlackPolishedNon-Ducted11.826.138.0
Mach 10 Non-Ducted Quiet45203-0793Low13,500WhiteTexturedNon-Ducted11.826.138.0
Mach 10 Quiet PowerSaver45203-0963Low13,500WhiteTexturedNon-Ducted11.826.138.0
Mach 10 Quiet PowerSaver45203-0993Low13,500BlackTexturedNon-Ducted11.826.138.0

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