The PowerSaver Series

Maintain Comfort While Maximizing Efficiency

With the numerous electrical draws in modern RVs, tripping a circuit breaker can be a frustratingly common experience when your RV’s electrical system seems unavoidably overloaded. Our PowerSaver Series was engineered to use less power to help avoid that frustration with an innovative design that maximizes efficiency without diminishing the units cooling power.

Power Saver Series Air Conditioners

ProfileProduct NamePart #ColorBTU/hHeightWidthLengthDuctingFinish
MediumMach 3 Quiet PowerSaver48008-0660White13,50013.826.138.0DuctedTextured
MediumMach 3 Quiet PowerSaver48008-0690Black13,50013.826.138.0DuctedTextured
MediumMach 15 Quiet PowerSaver48009-0650White15,00013.826.138.0DuctedPolished
MediumMach 15 Quiet PowerSaver48009-0690Black15,00013.826.138.0DuctedTextured
MediumMach 3 Quiet PowerSaver48208-0660White13,50013.826.138.0DuctedTextured
MediumMach 3 Quiet PowerSaver48208-0690Black13,50013.826.138.0DuctedTextured
MediumMach 15 Quiet PowerSaver48209-0660White15,00013.826.138.0DuctedTextured
MediumMach 15 Quiet PowerSaver48209-0690Black15,00013.826.138.0DuctedTextured

Documentation for air conditioners, heat pumps and accessories can be found in our Document Library.

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