The Quiet Series Mach 15

Mach 15 Ducted & Non-Ducted - 13,500 BTU/h Air Conditioner

The Quiet Series

The quietest most powerful Air Conditioner that takes cooling power to the MAX by offering the highest cooling output available.

The Quiet Series Mach 15 is the world's most powerful RV air conditioner with the highest cooling output you can buy and has an airflow so strong, it's a sure bet for ducted and non-ducted systems.

Product NamePart #ProfileBTUColorFinishDuctingHeightWidthLength
Mach 15 Ducted Quiet48204-0660Medium15,000WhiteTexturedDucted13.826.138.0
Mach 15 Ducted Quiet48204-0690Medium15,000BlackTexturedDucted13.826.138.0
Mach 15 Non-Ducted Quiet48204-0663Medium15,000WhiteTexturedNon-Ducted13.826.138.0
Mach 15 Non-Ducted Quiet48204-0693Medium15,000BlackTexturedNon-Ducted13.826.138.0
Mach 15 Quiet PowerSaver48009-0650Medium15,000WhitePolishedDucted13.826.138.0
Mach 15 Quiet PowerSaver48009-0690Medium15,000BlackTexturedDucted13.826.138.0 BUY NOW
Mach 15 Quiet PowerSaver48209-0660Medium15,000WhiteTexturedDucted13.826.138.0
Mach 15 Quiet PowerSaver48209-0690Medium15,000BlackTexturedDucted13.826.138.0

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