Mach 10

Mach 10 - 15,000 BTU/h & 13,500 BTU/h Air Conditioners

The Signature Series

Delivering another tradition of comfort!

In an effort to create practical interior comfort on the road, we're proud to offer the low profile MACH 10 air conditioner. Standing at just over 11" tall, the MACH 10 delivers the same superior cooling capacities and performance that you have come to expect from Coleman-Mach making it an excellent choice for 5th wheels or taller units.

The MACH 10 is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Model Profile BTU/h Amps: Cool Amps: Heat* Amps: Desert Weight (lbs)**
Mach 10 Low 15,000 14.4 16 17.5 82
Mach 10 Low 13,500 11.6 16 14.3 82
*Optional Heater Assembly **Installed weight will vary based on chosen ceiling assembly and package options

Signature Series Air Conditioners

ProfileProduct NamePart #ColorBTUHeightWidthLengthFinish
LowMach 1045203-0762White13,50011.826.138.0Textured
LowMach 1045203-0792Black13,50011.826.138.0Textured BUY NOW
LowMach 1045204-0752White15,00011.927.937.8Polished
LowMach 1045204-0762White15,00011.826.138.0Textured
LowMach 1045204-0782Black15,00011.927.937.8Polished
LowMach 10 w/ HP2 Heat Pump45004-0762White15,00011.826.138.0Textured BUY NOW
LowMach 10 w/ HP2 Heat Pump45004-0792Black15,00011.826.138.0Textured BUY NOW

Documentation for air conditioners, heat pumps and accessories can be found in our Document Library.

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