Mach 3 Plus

Mach 3 Plus - 13,500 BTU/h Air Conditioner

The Signature Series

America's over-the-road best seller!

The Coleman®-Mach® 3 PLUS™ is one of the best RV air conditioning values available. It features a large evaporator and condenser coils with raised lance fins to help dissipate heat, has a solid 13,500 nominal BTU cooling capacity, and delivers 320 CFM (cubic feet per minute) airflow.

You can count on the Mach 3 PLUS™ for reliability. All-copper tubing and gas-flux brazed joints ensure durability and long life for your RV air conditioner. Add the optional Heater Assembly, and you'll have 5,600 BTUs of heat for cool-weather outings.

Model Profile BTU/h Amps: Cool Amps: Heat* Amps: Desert Weight (lbs)**
Mach 3 Plus Medium 13,500 12.8 16.0 15.4 79.5
*Optional Heater Assembly **Installed weight will vary based on chosen ceiling assembly and package options

Signature Series Air Conditioners

ProfileProduct NamePart #ColorBTUHeightWidthLengthFinish
MediumMach 3 Plus48203-065White13,50013.928.238.2Polished
MediumMach 3 Plus48203-066White13,50013.826.138.0Textured BUY NOW
MediumMach 3 Plus48203-068Black13,50013.928.238.2Polished
MediumMach 3 Plus48203-069Black13,50013.826.138.0Textured BUY NOW

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