Mach 8 Plus

Mach 8 Plus - 15,000 BTU/h & 13,500 BTU/h Air Conditioners

The Signature Series

The revolutionary MACH 8 PLUS models have the lowest aerodynamic profile of any rooftop unit in the industry.

The ultra-low profile MACH 8 PLUS has an industry exclusive fiberglass basepan that provides superior strength and durability while reducing weight. Although the profile may be small, it continues to outperform all competitive models.

Two motors deliver the same BTUs of cooling on both High and low speeds. The MACH 8 PLUS has the highest air flow on high speed and is ultra-quiet on low speed for night time cooling.

Model Profile BTU/h Amps: Cool Amps: Heat* Amps: Desert Weight (lbs)**
Mach 8 Plus Ultra-Low 15,000 14.2 15.2 18 90
Mach 8 Plus Ultra-Low 13,500 12.5 15.2 15.3 90
*Optional Heater Assembly **Installed weight will vary based on chosen ceiling assembly and package options

Signature Series Air Conditioners

ProfileProduct NamePart #ColorBTUHeightWidthLengthFinish
Ultra LowMach 8 Cub Plus47201-076White9,2008.328.441.1Textured BUY NOW
Ultra LowMach 8 Cub Plus47223-076White13,5008.328.441.1Textured
Ultra LowMach 8 Cub Plus47224-079Black15,0008.328.441.1Textured
Ultra LowMach 8 Plus47203-076White13,5008.328.441.1Textured BUY NOW
Ultra LowMach 8 Plus47203-079Black13,5008.328.441.1Textured BUY NOW
Ultra LowMach 8 Plus47204-076White15,0008.328.441.1Textured BUY NOW
Ultra LowMach 8 Plus47204-079Black15,0008.328.441.1Textured BUY NOW
Ultra LowMach 8 w/ HP2 Heat Pump47004-076White15,0008.328.441.1Textured
Ultra LowMach 8 w/ HP2 Heat Pump47004-079Black15,0008.328.441.1Textured
Ultra LowMach 8 w/ HP2 Heat Pump47023-076White13,5008.328.441.1Textured
Ultra LowMach 8 w/ HP2 Heat Pump47024-076White15,0008.328.441.1Textured
Ultra LowMach 8 w/ HP2 Heat Pump47024-079Black15,0008.328.441.1Textured

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