ParkPAC Air Conditioner

ParkPAC Air Conditioner

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Quiet, powerful cooling for recreational park trailers.

You'll be amazed by the powerful cooling performance of the Coleman-Mach ParkPAC air conditioner, which offers the highest cooling capacity and airflow in the industry. Utilizing oversized coils and dual fan motors, the ParkPAC offers extremely quiet and efficient operation.

Installation and service of the ParkPAC are a breeze as well. The unit can be coupled directly to the floor ducts or located on the ground anywhere under or around the trailer. We've even included a built-in mounting pad for added convenience. Service panels are conveniently located, providing easy access to all components.

  • Over 500 CFM air flow
  • 13,500 BTU/h capacity (delivered) with 15.6 total amp draw
  • EER of 9+ for cost efficient cooling
  • Built-in mounting pad
Product NamePart #BTU/hHeightWidthLength
PARKPAC Air Conditioner46413-81213,50016.12521.0036.00 BUY NOW

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